Competing successfully in 2020: It’s all about customer experience or CX

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Competing successfully in 2020: It’s all about customer experience or CX

At Intellicom, we believe we can unlock the secret to superior customer experience or CX through an omnichannel communications strategy.

No matter what business you’re in, you don’t exist in a vacuum.  That likely means you have myriad competitors, some local, some global who are all vying for your customers’ attention.  And as better resourced organisations flex their commercial muscles, you might find that it’s increasingly difficult to build market share and even protect your position in the market.

As products and services become increasingly commoditised, we’re all facing margin erosion and a constant battle to keep the customers we have.  After all, the cost of sale associated with keeping an existing customer is miniscule compared to the cost of acquiring a new one, particularly if you operate in B2B or industrial markets.

But there is a way forward and it centres on the concept of customer experience or CX.

The why and what of customer experience or CX

customer experience cxA study by market research organisation Walker, found that by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

What does this mean for my organisation and what’s this customer experience stuff all about?

Customer experience is your customers’ perception of how your company treats them. And it extends through the whole product/service lifecycle from discovery through to purchase and support.

It encompasses the experience, positive or negative, that they have with every touchpoint of your organisation along their buying journey.  Whether that’s a phone call into sales to clarify an issue or get a price, or a post-sales support ticket you raise through the website and the subsequent handling of that service request.

Customer experience revolves around how easy is it to do business with your organisation, in the customers’ eyes, and whether they feel valued as a customer.

And this perception they build of your organisation affects their behaviours and feelings.  Clearly, positive feelings foster greater loyalty.  In other words, if they have positive customer experiences they will continue to give you business and perhaps act as brand advocates, by recommending you to friends or colleagues.

According to PWC, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience and this should be a trigger for your organisation to examine how you communicate with your existing and potential customers.


Omnichannel communication strategies

You might ask yourself:  “What has all this got to do with a company selling telephony services?”

Everything, if the truth be told.

At Intellicom, we believe we can unlock the secret to superior customer experience through an omnichannel communications strategy.

What is the definition of omnichannel?

You might have heard the term ‘omnichannel’ before.  It’s most typically used in the retail industry and refers to the blending of multiple purchase channels such as ‘bricks and mortar’ and online stores to offer customers a seamless buying experience.

In the world of digital communications, omnichannel means ‘all channels into one’ and applies to all businesses.  It refers to the convergence of multiple channels of communications onto one platform.

Research has shown that on average, customers will use up to six individual channels to make a purchase – the reality is they just want one through their chosen app, whether that’s voice, SMS, email, social or chat.

Think about the last purchase you made either as an individual or organisation.  Wouldn’t it be great to conduct that purchase through channels of your choice that support a seamless buying experience?

Customers want to communicate with brands on their own terms and at Intellicom we make that a reality.


What is the impact of omnichannel communications on my business?

This convergence of voice, data and social/messaging applications is accelerating so, as a business you have a choice to make.  You also have some questions to ask yourself.

  • Does my current communications strategy address this new world order?
  • Have I given any thought to how I will allow customers to communicate on their own terms?
  • What are my levels of customer churn and am I doing enough to engage with existing customers?
  • What level of intelligence do I have on customers and do I have that in-depth knowledge of their relationship with my organisation?
  • What level of responsiveness do I offer them through inbound/outbound communications?


How do I implement omnichannel communications?

By going through a discovery exercise, hopefully you’ll have come to the conclusion that omnichannel communications is the only way forward.  Omnichannel communications not only boost profitability but also foster more client loyalty and create ‘stickier’ relationships with your customers.

At Intellicom, we provide you with a single platform to manage, monitor and measure all of your inbound and outbound communications.

Our ‘Intune’ hosted telephony and contact centre platform can integrate voice, SMS, email, fax, video, instant messaging and webchat as well as social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

With ‘Intune’ you manage all of these applications as ‘virtual’ phone calls.  Intuitive, user-friendly reporting dashboards display all activity at a glance and trend analysis, timebound reporting and missed ‘calls’ can be accessed at the press of a button.

Integration with your CRM system (if you have one) means you can build really deep intelligence on your customers and mine that for future sales and marketing campaigns.

All of this is provided on an infrastructure that we manage for a predictable monthly fee.  You can easily scale the system up or down, great for businesses with seasonal buying patterns, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will ensure your transition to our omnichannel platform is as smooth as silk.

Request a telecoms review today and take your first step towards an omnichannel strategy that will deliver superior customer experience.

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Picture credit: Marten Bjork on Unsplash


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