Revenue boost for tax rebate firm as VoIP contact centre technology from Intellicom kicks in


Revenue boost for tax rebate firm as VoIP contact centre technology from Intellicom kicks in

Broadband connectivity, streamlined call management, detailed contact centre reporting and robust call recording for over 250,000 clients of Irish Tax Rebates

Business Challenge

With over 250,000 clients nationwide, cost-effective, efficient call management was a top priority for Irish Tax Rebates. The occasion of a move to a new premises in Athy, Co Ki ldare offered the opportunity to revamp the entire telecommunications infrastructure, including the company’s broadband connectivity and the telephony system for staff comprised of 25 users.

The lifeblood of the business is handling high volumes of calls in an efficient manner. The core of the company’s focus is on responsive customer service and key to the success of the business.

“It wasn’t just a question of how many seats but also connectivity. We needed to find a telecoms infrastructure  that would serve us better.”

Graham Aldren, Manager Customer Services, Irish Tax Rebates


Hosted VoIP telephony coupled with broadband connectivity forms the foundation for future growth

Although Irish Tax Rebates has been around in one guise or another for more than 20 years, the company experienced explosive growth in recent times.  With an increased focus on providing tax rebate services to PAYE employees, its business model shifted to one based on transactional volume and growing client base of over 250,000.

It quickly outgrew its existing telecoms infrastructure.  Following a review of the company’s communications requirements, Irish Tax Rebates settled on an Intellicom solution comprised of two key deliverables, i.e. fixed line primary and wireless secondary broadband connectivity with built-in resiliency and Intune, Intellicom’s hosted contact centre service, specifically designed with high performance call functionality and scalability in mind.

“High speed broadband deficits still exist in some of our major towns, but we managed to right-size suitable connectivity for Irish Tax Rebates at the right price.  It comfortably delivers quality of service for high performance voice traffic.”

Robbie Fitzpatrick, business development manager with Intellicom

Intune offers a feature-rich, scalable and flexible contact centre telephony solution with a licensing model to suit any budget.  Its architecture and Software as a Service payment model negates large upfront investment and allows the adjustment of seat count up or down, as required.

Inbuilt call recording is seamless with easy retrieval through an intuitive interface and detailed real-time or historic call reporting gives management the ability to better schedule agent resources to manage call volumes.

Rapid turnover of clients is key and real time data shows average call durations with an option for management to assist agents through eavesdropping if required.  This functionality directly supports Irish Tax Rebate’s competitive differentiator of providing the fastest client turnaround in the industry.

“Intune improves our ability to manage the business. It’s reassuring to know that we can rollout added features and functionality as we need them.”

Graham Aldren, Manager Customer Services, Irish Tax Rebates


Improved customer service with detailed call reporting for better operational efficiency

Intune delivers a host of operational benefits to Irish Tax Rebates. And while the full functionality of the system has yet to be activated, there’s a certain reassurance that this enterprise functionality can be accessed as the business

Intune’s management portal allows team leaders to add or remove users at the click of a button.  Server or software updates are done automatically by Intellicom allowing Mr Aldren and his team to concentrate on servicing the customer base.

Powerful call reporting right down to agent level provides data for training purposes.  And call durations with associated call charges can be downloaded for detailed analysis if required.

Multi-vendor support for agent soft clients and headsets is also provided and some of the team have already migrated to headsets for added productivity and convenience.

“The ability to record our calls has proved very useful and provides both our clients and our team total clarity on the conversations that we are having. Call retrieval is very easy and gives us a full audit trail of our transactions.”

Graham Aldren, Manager Customer Services, Irish Tax Rebates

In phase one of deployment, call queuing allows efficient handling of calls and reduces waiting times, boosting customer service levels.  Customer responsiveness has been greatly improved and average wait times have been cut.

In fact, with Irish Tax Rebates offering a new service, Tax Return Plus, calls can be directed to two separate queues and answered with customised messages from relevant agents, depending on the service clients are seeking to reach.

Call recording provides a robust audit trail of conversations between agent and client and Mr Aldren can refer back to recordings to verify verbal information or instructions given to his team. This peace of mind is critical to the integrity of the tax back service.

About Irish Tax Rebates

Based in Athy, Co Kildare, Irish Tax Rebates helps people check for any overpaid tax with Revenue, With over 20 years’ experience, the team conduct thorough checks, which unearth significant tax rebates for most people with the average repayment standing at €1 ,074.

Through word of mouth, the service has become more popular over the years and the company’s customer base now stands at over 250,000 clients.  The 60-second application form makes the entire process simple, fast and effective and today the company is the market leader in its field.