Global relocation firm chooses Intellicom to slash international call costs and boost staff productivity

L-R: Mark Scully, European Team Lead, Irish Relo and Robbie Fitzpatrick, Business Development Manager, Intellicom

Global relocation firm chooses Intellicom to slash international call costs and boost staff productivity

International relocation services company, Irishrelo has chosen business telephony provider, Intellicom to run its global contact centre located in Kilcock, Co Kildare.

Business Challenge

As a worldwide relocation services firm, cost-effective, reliable business telephony is the lifeblood of Irishrelo’s business. And the nature of outbound and inward communications is global as an analysis of Irishrelo’s telephony traffic shows. In one month alone, calls as far afield as Kenya, Bahrain, Argentina, Australia and Belarus were made between clients and staff.

“We call people all over the world so it’s important for us to have a resilient, reliable communications system in place.”

Mark Scully, European Team Lead, Irishrelo

Minimising international calling costs and promoting greater staff productivity were the key drivers of a project to move telephony providers following some difficulties with a previous supplier.
The company had already settled on VoIP so it was a case of ensuring a smooth transition to a new communications system.

Cut call costs with Intellicom's Intune hosted telephony solution

L-R: Mark Scully, European Team Lead, Irish Relo and Robbie Fitzpatrick, Business Development Manager, Intellicom

The Solution


Following a review of Irishrelo’s requirements, the Intellicom team recommended a hosted version of Intune,
Intellicom’s feature-rich unified communications and business telephony solution for the company’s team of 30 staff.

“It ticks all the boxes for Irishrelo,” explains Robbie Fitzpatrick, business development manager with Intellicom. “The hosted version of Intune removes the administration overhead associated with managing and maintaining the telephony system,” he said.

“We do the heavy lifting but give Mark self-service options through our Inform portal. For example, if extensions need to be forwarded to mobile, Mark can simply switch on the ‘Follow Me’ function through our user-friendly interface which provides automatic call forwarding.”

In addition, Intune offers many sophisticated call features out the box with a simple licensing model. Call grouping and queuing, call retrieval and call routing can be configured through Inform.

The system also provides complete scalability and aligns with Irishrelo’s ambitious plans for future company growth.

Extensions can be added as required, protecting the existing technology investment.

And because of the high profile of some of Irishrelo’s customers, the protection of information is really important.

Intune has high levels of embedded security within the system.

Hardened OS and kernel systems and the ability to perform voice calls through fully encrypted tunnels mitigate the risks of breach by eavesdroppers, hackers and fraudsters.

“We trialled the system and the setup was very powerful. We had an Intellicom engineer with us on the day of the changeover and the move was very seamless in the end.”

Mark Scully, European Team Lead, Irishrelo

Cut call costs with Intellicom's Intune hosted telephony solution

The Benefits

  • Approx 25% saving in telecommunications costs for international calls
  • A resilient and robust business telephony system that is available at all times
  • More responsive, more reliable customer service with round the clock high availability voice communications
  • Less system maintenance and administration overhead
  • Complete scalability and future-proofing with a simple licensing model and pricing structure
  • Sophisticated call routing and management which can be configured through the Intellicom self-service portal
  • Seamless integration with third party applications including a smartphone app for full enterprise mobility
  • Multi-vendor support for agent softclients and headsets
  • Powerful call reporting down to agent level with transparent call charges, call duration and destination information

The move to Intellicom’s VoIP coupled with the use of agent soft clients has delivered lots of tangible business benefits to Irishrelo including a dramatic reduction in international call charges and increased productivity for agents.

The company is building its future on a scalable, flexible and reliable business telephony platform that provides the organisational agility it needs to thrive in a highly competitive market.

Resilient person-to-person communications is the lifeblood of the company and Intellicom’s Intune lies at the heart of IT strategy.

“VoIP gives us much more operational flexibility and allowed us to use soft clients with headsets for our agents. This was an easy sell to staff and has increased productivity greatly.”

Mark Scully, European Team Lead, Irishrelo

Cut call costs with Intellicom's Intune hosted telephony solutionIrishrelo is already trialling virtual surveys with potential clients. Whereas a team of surveyors would have previously travelled to the customer’s premises to view the items to be moved, it’s all now done via Smartphone.

The client is sent a link which activates a camera. The view is then displayed in the office, the session is recorded for audit purposes and the team can record and cost up the relocation charges. This virtual survey saves time and money and ultimately delivers a faster, more responsive service for the customer.

This virtual model together with the prospect of more remote and home workers for Irishrelo in the future means that enterprise mobility is key. With the impending deployment of the Intellicom Communicator app, agents can use this on their smartphone and stay in touch with base and with clients with full confidence.

“The support from Intellicom staff has been great and I know some of them by name now. They’ve helped us to adapt their system to us and the changeover was seamless. Our business is growing and we’d like to see Intellicom growing with us.”

Mark Scully, European Team Lead, Irishrelo

About Irishrelo

Irishrelo is a global employee relocation company that has a long track record in international move management. With over 20 years’ experience and expertise, the company prides itself on tailored service delivery coupled with quality moving services and support.

Irishrelo staff provide a total relocation package to employees by co-ordinating the physical movement of personal belongings and family pets to finding schools, setting up bank accounts and providing assistance with customs, visas and a corporate housing service.

The company currently holds contracts with many of the high profile multinational organisations operating in the Irish market.