Clever telephony integration from Intellicom helps directory services provider survive and thrive


Clever telephony integration from Intellicom helps directory services provider survive and thrive

Directory services provider, 11890 have slashed operational costs by 600 per cent and reduced call handling times by 30 per cent

Business Challenge

11890 directory enquiries is a business that has seen its fair share of digital disruption with the adoption of Google search on desktop and mobile devices.  In a stagnant market with little growth, achieving greater operational efficiency was seen as the main focus of maintaining profitability for the directory enquiries business. Three issues were top of mind for 11890 management , i.e. reducing operational costs, boosting staff efficiency and enhancing service quality.

These were the business challenges presented to the Intellicom team, who were tasked with translating these into a call centre technology solution which wouldn’t have a huge price tag associated with it.

“We needed a technology solution that would involve deep integration with our hosted PBX and tightly align to the search workflows for our directory enquiries staff.”

Sandra Maher, COO, 11890


Deep integration of Google Search with the contact centre technology

For many years, 11890 had used an IDQ portal service which sat in front of the Irish National Directory Database
(NDD).  An expensive monthly license fee was payable for the IDQ portal and a further monthly subscription charge
for use of the National Directory Database. This modus operandi posed several problems for 11890.

  • The license fees and monthly subscription costs associated with the IDQ Portal and NDD were very high in relation to the volume of calls now handled by the 11890 focused team.
  • The accuracy of the NDD was declining over time.  11890 staff were increasingly facing scenarios where they
    couldn’t trace phone numbers so revenue foregone figures were on the rise.
  • This lack of number accuracy was adversely affecting service quality with callers.
  • With an increased number of traditional and VoIP telecoms providers in the market , it didn’t always occur to organisations to specifically request that their number be included in the NDD and so its significance as an accurate record of business numbers has been diminishing over time.

To address these challenges, the team at Intellicom recommended the integration of Google indexed data to replace the IDQ portal and NDD system.  Given the shift from phone-based enquiries to the use of Google search by the population at large, it made sense to leverage the power of Google My Business to provide business data which the team knew would have more up-to-date information than that of the NDD.

Google My Business is an index of self -administered data by individual companies so its accuracy is far greater
than any third party directory database.

Following significant software development by Intellicom’s in-house team, Google My Business and Google Search
indexed data was integrated into the Intellicom Intune PBX and into the front end dashboard.

“We’ve managed to leverage 11890’s existing contact centre technology to deliver the functionality they require. The development work, while intricate, time-consuming and tricky in parts, enhanced their hosted PBX technology. “

Cian Maher, CTO, Intellicom


This dashboard was custom-built by Intellicom staff in line with the workflow for the search process and directly integrates with the Intellicom | Intune cloud-based telephony and contact centre system used by 11890.

Process Workflow

Additional work was performed on the dashboard to improve the connectors between the search database and the media used to deliver this information to the individual caller.

Dashboard activity sequence
Section 1
This is the area where staff can perform either residential or business searches from the 11890 database.

Section 2
If no search results appear from the database, staff can now use the Google search function to locate the number. In this first instance, the Google search focuses on Google My Business or business entries maintained by individual companies on the Google My Business index. If no entry is indexed with Google My Business, it will perform a generic Google search.

Section 3
Once a number is found (see the number of rows under the main panel ) , staff have several options to communicate it to the caller . With one click, they can send a standard SMS, they can connect the caller to the number or they can send the caller to IVR or the interact ive voice response function where the number will be called out to them verbally. Under the old system, staff used to have to click on five separate action buttons to perform this same functionality.

Section 4
If staff wish to send a custom SMS with the number (for example if callers have requested more than one number and staff want to avoid charging them for multiple SMSs), the text can be pasted here and sent.

Section 5
If staff have had to use a generic Google search, they can copy the number from the separate screen and with one click choose the method of delivery to the caller .


Reduced operational costs with enhanced customer service and call quality

Thanks to some creative thinking and clever integration skills, Intellicom achieved all objectives for the project, i .e. reducing operating costs, enhancing customer service and call quality and boosting staff productivity.

The team helped to deliver real service innovation to 11890, helping to futureproof its business and keep it relevant in a market which has changed unrecognisably.

The development work, while intricate in nature tightly aligned to 11890’s existing hosted PBX instance, negating the need for costly third-party application addons which can’t be easily managed or controlled into the future.

Using the power and flexibility of the cloud and Intellicom’s clever design architecture, the company has been able to create one ‘virtual’ unified communications environment offering all the industry leading features and sophisticated reporting you would expect from a high performance unified communications solution.

  • Reductions of almost 600 percent in the costs associated wi th the directory databases. Google has a two-layered pricing system with one cost for performing the search and a second cost levied when you retrieve the
    phone number but the costs are still far lower than the original setup.
  • Average call durations and handling times are down by almost 30 percent thanks to the one-click functionality
    developed and introduced to send data to callers, by either SMS, IVR or direct phone transfer connection. This means staff can deal with more calls on a daily basis with the result that agent productivity has soared.
  • Enhanced search functionality thanks to predictive search results delivered by the Google database. For example, if a caller requests the number for Acme Company in Athy and no results are found, the predictive functionality kicks in and offers an alternative location for the same company name.
  • An increase in completed calls and corresponding reduction in revenue foregone due to increased accuracy and accessibility of Google indexed data.

About 11890

Call 11890 Ltd has been operating 11890 Directory Enquiries since 2006 and Cloud90 since 2013. The company also
provides outsource contact centre services to a variety of high-profile companies across the UK and Ireland.  11890 is managed and based in Ireland providing jobs in Galway and Dublin.  Impeccable knowledge and friendly Irish operators ensure that customers get the right service when they call. Overall, between 80% and 85% of calls are focused on business number searches.

Cloud90 delivers real – time usable information from social media sources. The company monitors your brand/competitor and provides sentiment analysis, risk assessment and reputation protection.

Pictured above l-r are:  Nicola Byrne, managing director, 11890 and Neil Wisdom, managing director, Intellicom