Hosted contact centre supports delivery of critical healthcare services to over 800 clients

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Hosted contact centre supports delivery of critical healthcare services to over 800 clients

Intellicom’s business telephony solution deployed at two sites helps Fingal Home Care connect with staff, clients and their families

Leading not-for-profit home care services provider, Fingal Home Care has contracted Intellicom to
deploy a two-site contact centre solution for its business.

The intellicom | intune solution supports the delivery of critical home care services to over 800 clients in north Dublin, Louth and Meath. The hosted contact centre supports several functions within the business, including client
communications, the scheduling of shifts for carers, who work flexible hours and the monitoring of carer shifts.

The company’s central administration function, located at head office in Skerries, Co Dublin, manages daily call volumes of approx. 500 calls across 5,000 individual shifts. Up to 300 staff provide home care services to those in need, promoting independence and the highest levels of dignity for clients who wish to remain at home.

Business Challenge

With government policy focused on providing health care to vulnerable people in their own homes,
Fingal Home Care has undergone strong growth in recent times and is one of the country’s largest
not-for-profit home care services providers. However, with growth come challenges and
streamlining communications was one of them.

“Prior to the current solution, we had just two phone lines in place; one for clients and one for
carers and the monitoring team. But if one line was busy, people couldn’t get through so we were
experiencing a high rate of dropped calls. We knew that the communications process wasn’t at the
level that was needed for such a critical service and we quickly set about sourcing a new solution
that would allow us to deliver a better service to clients from the office and to our monitoring staff
on the road.”

Andy Shortall, operations systems manager with Fingal Home Care.


Following a review of four different providers, Fingal Home Care chose the intellicom | intune platform. As a hosted contact centre solution, company staff didn’t have to worry about the overhead of supporting an on premise PBX system and deployment of a robust, high speed, managed broadband link services voice and data connectivity into the head office location.Plug and play functionality ensures staff enjoy a feature-rich communications experience with call hunting, voice mail and call recording, out of the box

“Staff can quickly add, move or change handsets across both locations without having to engage technical staff. Because the system is based on Voice over IP we can quickly and easily increase the number of operational voice lines associated with the services. Voice mails are received in the form of WAV files and can be quickly acted upon and archived. But one of the big benefits is the facility to allow staff to work from home. They can have all the functionality of sitting in the office, by leveraging their broadband and a static IP address, which we configure.”

Andy Shortall, operations systems manager with Fingal Home Care.

Intellicom intune key features

  • Scalable for larger volume contact centres or smaller departmental-level helpdesks.
  • Feature-rich, customer experience out of the box
  • Simple, transparent licensing model which reduces costs.
  • Powerful agent reporting which streamlines operations improves productivity and reduces costs.
  • Custom-build design capability with in-house software engineers.
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure which adapts to the call centre environment as required.
  • Multi-channel services supporting Voice, Video, IM, email and SMS based communications.
  • Powerful multi-functional dialler module to support automated outbound sales and service campaigns.
  • Third party integration service offers bi- directional communications with many other vendors hardware and software solutions.

Solution Benefits

  • More flexible and feature rich voice communications system – allowing higher call completion rates and redirection of calls to relevant business functions
  • Improved staff productivity – thanks to shorter call and waiting timesHigher level of service for patients with dementia illnesses – call recording gives next of kin peace of mind and full confidence in the service
  • Investment protection – intellicom | intune is future-proofed allowing migration to multimedia communications as and when required
  • Powerful call reporting – allowing full transparency of team performance and better scheduling of resources
  • Peace of mind – robust infrastructure with triangulated connectivity across data centres in Dublin and Cork, supported by an enterprise class SLA

Business Benefits

But one of the biggest and perhaps unexpected benefits of the solution, has been the improvement in staff productivity, thanks to the feature-rich call reporting dashboard.

“We’ve seen an increase in staff productivity of between 17 and 25 per cent,” said Mr Shortall. For the first month, we tracked call rates and duration times to create a baseline or benchmark. And we’ve managed to reduce the average call time by about 6 seconds. It doesn’t sound like much but when you have a diabetic client who needs insulin urgently, every second counts.”

Andy Shortall, operations systems manager with Fingal Home Care.

The ability to record all inbound and outbound calls is also an important feature of the new solution. And while it’s not yet mandated by the HSE, it’s invaluable in cases where clients have dementia or Alzheimers.  It gives the company peace of mind that they have the backup for any calls that are made and this delivers a higher level of service to clients and their next of kin.

Why Intellicom ?

“We’re looking to future proof ourselves and that’s one of the reasons why the Intellicom solution was chosen. We’re investing heavily in infrastructure and the contact centre solution from Intellicom is a major part of that.“It’s worked really well for us. After sales has been brilliant and I have confidence that any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Andy Shortall, operations systems manager with Fingal Home Care.

About Fingal Home Care

Founded in 1981 Fingal Home Care Ltd has rapidly grown over the years, and offers a comprehensive range of Quality Home Care Services to assist people to remain in their own homes. The company currently employs almost 300 highly skilled carers and covers vast areas of Dublin North from the Liffey to North County Dublin, Co. Louth and across to Dublin West and Co. Meath