Iconic Offices Calls on Intellicom to Provide High Performance Telephony

Althaea Federline, Operations Director of Iconic Offices and Neil Wisdom, Managing Director, intellicom.

Iconic Offices Calls on Intellicom to Provide High Performance Telephony

Iconic Offices has selected Intellicom to deliver communications services across its network of managed workspaces

Business Challenge

Iconic Offices operates in a fast moving environment where demand for creative,

high quality and design-led spaces to work in is high. Coupled with this is the requirement to provide technology services that enable those working there to deliver their very best with comfort and ease.

From fully serviced offices for 110 desks right down to semi-serviced and co-working spaces for individuals, Iconic Offices had a requirement to be able to provision and deploy advanced telephony services quickly and efficiently right across their 14 office locations.

With no one type of client, flexibility was the order of the day.

“Flexibility to upscale and downscale phone connections and services as we need them and where we need them is imperative.”

Althaea Federline, Operations Director of Iconic Offices



Flexible and easily provisioned telephony services

In sourcing a communications partner, Iconic Offices had a number of requirements that would enable them to deliver state-of-the-art IT services as Althaea Federlein explains.

“One client might ask us to deliver everything from the receptionist to the phones and desks right through to the coffee for 100 people on a long-term contract. Another might be looking for desks for five people for two months and need them in a few days. This requires us to able to respond quickly and confidently that we can deliver what they wish, when they need it.”

The Intellicom team answered the call by deploying ‘Intune’, their hosted business telephony platform across all 14 offices. The solution included over 200 VoIP-connected phones plus conference phones in a fully cloud-based telephony system. By using hosted technology, Iconic Offices don’t have to worry about ongoing management and maintenance of the system.

In addition, a range of handsets and soft-client applications are available to Iconic Offices and their clients from entry level handsets right up to handsets with extensive voice and video functionality.

“We have built a solution that can scale as Iconic Offices grows, both in terms of number of locations but also services available.  Everything from virtual receptionists, ‘follow-me’, video support, advanced call routing and contact centre call queuing can be added as it’s required by Iconic Offices or their clients.”

Neil Wisdom, managing director, Intellicom

Extensive flexibility and functionality has been built in from the ground up. Together with the ability for Iconic Offices to self provision most services, it’s a solution that will grow as they do.

Businesses want to access fully serviced workspaces when they need to and Intellicom plays a key role in supporting Iconic’s value proposition to its customers.

“By working with Intellicom, we have been exposed to the huge range of functionality that exists in the best VoIP solutions globally. We selected those that suit our business best.”

Althaea Federline, Operations Director of Iconic Offices


Flexible on demand telephony services supporting great customer experience

Business disruption is always a core consideration when upgrading or migrating to a new telephony system, but the team at Intellicom managed the transition in a seamless fashion.

“Our business is enabling clients to do their business with ease so down-time for their telephones was not an option during the change-over from our former phone system.  “Intellicom were diligent in the design, deployment and testing of the system and they understood our needs as a business. The changeover went very smoothly and was undertaken simultaneously across all our Iconic Offices locations.”

Althaea Federline, Operations Director of Iconic Offices

By opting for a hosted system, Iconic Offices enjoy ‘evergreen’ VoIP telephony with no need to regularly patch the system or run weekly or monthly software updates.

Intellicom’s Intune also extends a significant level of in-house control to Iconic Offices with the ability to add new extensions, simply and easily.

This negates the need to call out engineers to make minor adds, moves and changes. This fits Iconic’s business model perfectly with users taking either short term or long term rental and associated services as required.

The brief from Iconic Offices also included the requirement for the highest levels of call quality and with Intellicom’s extensive experience in delivering the very best in VoIP and cloud based telephony, this was a given.

Intellicom also provides soft clients on computers, as requested, and can provide soft clients on mobiles to enable ‘follow me’ functionality as required by the client.

“The modern workplace is increasingly collaborative and the emergence of co-opetition, where companies who would previously have avoided one another as they were competing, now see a great value and benefit in sharing ideas and knowledge.”

Althaea Federline, Operations Director of Iconic Offices


For Iconic Offices, the future is as bright as it is innovative. With plans to launch additional Iconic Offices buildings in Dublin and an international strategy to take the business global. The solution they have chosen from Intellicom is a telephone system without borders and is as flexible and easy to deploy internationally as it is in their Dublin offices. We hope to travel with them as we have already done with many other clients into their European and US based office locations.

“Our clients succeeding is us succeeding and we saw this same mentality and type of engagement working with Intellicom. They didn’t want to just sell us a system that worked very well and met our needs but they wanted us to have something that enabled us to succeed and deliver.”

Althaea Federline, Operations Director of Iconic Offices

About Iconic Offices

Companies and enterprising individuals want an office space that is dynamic and inspires.

Iconic Offices was founded to meet a changing dynamic for serviced offices and does so with great creativity, energy and the very highest quality IT and communications infrastructure that underpins all modern, successful business.

Currently Iconic Offices has 14 buildings in and around Dublin city; from beautiful Georgian Buildings which have been renovated to reflect 21st Century business needs and design and modern offices in Silicon Docks that sit comfortably alongside the award-winning designed offices of the large tech multi-nationals.