Merrion Vaults selects Intellicom for Interconnected Telephony Solution for New Liverpool Safe Deposit Facility

David Walsh, co-founder Merrion Vaults, Neil Wisdom, managing director Intellicom and Seamus Fahy, co-founder Merrion Vaults 1

Merrion Vaults selects Intellicom for Interconnected Telephony Solution for New Liverpool Safe Deposit Facility

Intellicom has been selected by Merrion Vaults to deliver a fully interconnected telephony and networking solution for its latest safe deposit facility in Liverpool. The state of the art, purpose-built vault is located in the famous Royal Liver building in the Waterfront district. Liverpool is the fourth vault opened by Merrion Vaults.


Business Challenge

As one door closes another door opens, the saying goes, and this is particularly true for Merrion Vaults which has seen its safe deposit box business thrive as banks close their doors to those looking for this service.

In Merrion Vaults’ case, it is a very secure door that provides businesses and individuals safe deposit boxes, of various sizes, to store valued items in state-of-the-art, purpose-built vaults. The company opened its first vault in Merrion in Dublin in 2013 and has subsequently opened secure vaults in Glasgow and Newcastle with the Liverpool facility officially opened in early 2018.

“Banks traditionally provided a safe deposit or in-safe keeping service for customers, but as branches shut down around the country or bank buildings are re-formatted or staff numbers reduced, this service has ceased to be offered.  This is a trend that’s reflected in many countries and its fuelling our business success and expansion. From house deeds to family heirlooms, gold bullion and a growing number of flash drives and crypto-currency codes, providing a secure storage facility for items individuals and businesses deem precious, is at the heart of our business”.

Seamus Fahy, co-founder of Merrion Vaults.

In addition to its existing locations, Merrion Vaults, which employs nearly 50 people and has safe deposit boxes available from €199 per year, is a business in the midst of a significant expansion phase. With a number of European cities currently on its roadmap to open their safe deposit doors, Merrion Vaults was keen to work with a communications systems partner that would enable them to add and interconnect new offices and teams, seamlessly around the world, without disruption to existing offices.

Fahy, who co-founded the business with David Walsh, commenting on their needs from a communications solutions provider said:

“We initially went to find a supplier that could assist us in setting up a communications solution for our original business in Merrion in Dublin. International expansion was part of the plan and it is critical that we have a provider that can deliver state of the art solutions and easily grow with us. We knew we wanted all facilities fully interconnected and largely operating fluidly as one team.”

The Solution

For Merrion Vaults, Intellicom delivers a solution that not only includes the enterprise-class cloud-based telephony system but also the scalable network and voice and data connectivity that underpins it. “We have created a total communications package that is delivered seamlessly across all countries they operate in, said Neil Wisdom, managing director of Intellicom.

“The total communications solution has been designed with functionality and security front of mind with the ability to deploy another office location, almost out of the box, to facilitate their ambitious growth plans.”

Intellicom has designed and deployed a primary and secondary broadband connection for Merrion Vaults, with appropriate security features in place to protect the voice and data services flowing over the network. As a managed service, Intellicom has also deployed the LANs in each office and provides monitoring of the broadband network, identifying and resolving any issues that may arise, in many cases before they have impacted the service experience by team members at Merrion Vaults.

“By monitoring the network and services proactively, we can anticipate most issues and fix them,
with the aim of resolving the root cause of an issue so it doesn’t arise again, said Neil Wisdom
Intellicom. “We want our customers to have the best service experience possible and as part of this
active monitoring, we may choose to failover to the backup link, until issues are resolved on the
primary link, while the users at Merrion Vaults may not even be aware.”

Neil Wisdom, managing director, Intellicom

Automatic fall-over to another office has been built in to ensure business continuity in the event of an outage affecting one of their city locations. Secure managed WiFi services have been deployed at each location which can be remotely monitored and administered by Intellicom.

Part of the process of opening a new facility is the pre-sale process where Intellicom allocate a local in-country phone number to the Merrion Vaults facility for marketing purposes. All calls to this number, prior to opening, are automatically routed to another facility with incoming calls flagged so they can be answered with an appropriate local greeting.

“This ensures that even before we have the doors open, we have been building up local interest and business, local numbers are a key element in delivering this and once the facility is fully operational, calls are re-routed to the new office.”

Seamus Fahy, co-founder of Merrion Vaults.

This system of pre-marketing is now active for a number of planned facilities in other cities and provides a great insight to local market demand so Merrion Vaults can focus on bringing on-stream the facilities that have the greatest immediate potential.


Solution Benefits

  • More flexible and feature rich voice communications system – allowing higher call completion rates and redirection of calls to relevant business functions.
  • Total Communications solution to each office including all Voice and Data connectivity and services backed up with a robust 24 x 7 x 365 support structure.
  • Improved staff productivity – thanks to shorter call and waiting times.
  • Cloud based solution allows calls to any site be routed through to any other site for centralised services and increased resilience and service Up Time.
  • Powerful call reporting – allowing full transparency of team performance, marketing activities and inbound and outbound call trend analysis.
  • Peace of mind – robust infrastructure with easy administration and scalability.

Solution Features

  • intune Cloud Telephony system providing scalability and ease of deployment and management. Ideal for quick and seamless addition and integration of new group sites around the country.
  • Feature-rich, customer experience out of the box.
  • Simple, transparent licensing model which reduces costs.
  • Powerful reporting which streamlines operations improves productivity and reduces costs.
  • Systems integration to CRM systems for screen pop and click to dial functions.
  • Intellicom | inflow managed Broadband and VoIP infrastructure providing scalability resilience and lower costs over traditional services.
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure which adapts to the changing business environment as required.
  • Third party integration service offers bidirectional communications with many other vendors hardware and software solutions.
  • Intellicom | insure support structure provides proactive monitoring, management and support on an up to 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

About Merrion Vaults

Merrion Vaults were the first independently owned safe deposit box centre in Ireland and they are 100% Irish owned and operated and are part of a larger group of safe deposit box facilities with additional vaults in Scotland and England. They provide custodial services to private individuals and businesses, allowing them to safeguard their most valued possessions in a secure state-of-the-art purpose-built vault. As a member of the Safe Deposit Federation (SDF), Merrion Vaults meet the highest standards in both security and privacy. They offer rental of safe deposit boxes in a variety of sizes and rental periods to meet all requirements.