Place in the sun for Intellicom business telephony at Newbridge Travel

Pic l-r: Catherine Myler, director, Newbridge Travel, Robbie Fitzpatrick, business development manager, Intellicom and Mary Lee, director, Newbridge Travel

Place in the sun for Intellicom business telephony at Newbridge Travel

Full service travel agency, Newbridge Travel today announced it has chosen Intellicom’s hosted VoIP telephony solution, Intune to power its inbound and outbound voice communications.

Business Challenge

With a thriving travel business, right in the heart of Newbridge, Co Kildare, Newbridge Travel realised it had outgrown its existing key system with an increase in dropped calls and unpredictable system outages at busy periods.

Based on legacy technology, the existing telephony system was limited in its funct ionality and in particular was unable to offer PCI-compliant call recording, so critical for organisations taking payments over the phone.  With a busy January period looming, director , Mary Lee and co-owner Catherine Myler decided it was time to review their
telephony requirements and spoke with the team at Intellicom.

“Having a telephony solution that could deliver PCI-compliant call recording was critical to us being able to take payments over the phone.”

Mary Lee, Director, Newbridge Travel


Hosted VoIP telephony provides lots of new features including PCI-compliant call recording

Travel agents are hugely dependent on voice communications as initial enquiries over the phone also help to drive footfall into the high street. In fact, Newbridge Travel estimates that 50% of its business comes in over the phone.

Following a detailed needs analysis, Intune, Intellicom’s hosted VoIP telephony solution was recommended.

Intune gives Mary and her team the ultimate flexibility, providing all the reliable and robust call management she needs now as well as scope to grow into the future,” said Robbie Fitzpatrick, Business Development Manager with Intellicom. “The system’s design is built around driving maximum customer satisfaction with low administration overhead for staff and a host of productivity tools which address busy periods for staff.”

As a hosted solution, Intune is based on predictable monthly payments, avoiding major upfront capital investment. And with a high degree of self-service, extra engineering time to perform adds, moves or changes to the system doesn’t have to be budgeted for. This low total cost of ownership was a big factor in selecting the Intellicom solution.

However, it was Intellicom’s easy-to-use call recording capability that really stole the show.

Intone is an integrated desktop application which creates a silent linkage between the end client’s phone and the payment application.  Without the need to pause the call recording, Newbridge Travel staff can invite the client to key in their account or credit card number directly into the agent application without the need for verbal interaction.This protects the credit card details and renders the service fully PCI compliant.

If Mary needs to retrieve the call in the case of a query, an intuitive web-based interface allows her to point and click to do so.

“The stream of inbound calls is much more reliable now and we’ve also noticed a reduction in telecoms costs. But having PCI-compliant call recording is the icing on the cake.”

Mary Lee, Director, Newbridge Travel


More reliable call handling and full compliance with payments industry

Reliability was a key issue for Newbridge Travel’s previous telephony solution, but hosted VoIP from Intelicom provides the kind of reliable, robust communications platform that the company needs to service its customers.

A hosted solution removes the administration overhead associated with ongoing software patching. This allows Newbridge Travel staff to do what they do best, i.e. advising clients on the best destinations for their next break away.

Moving voice telephony to the cloud significantly reduced the setup costs associated with the new system, negating the need for large upfront investment in hardware and software.

Predictable monthly billing assists with financial planning while reduced telecoms charges are also on the cards, helping the management team to keep a tight rein on costs.

The ability to configure a telephone greeting for promotional purposes or to advise clients of opening hours is operationally valuable, particularly for such a seasonal business.

“Being able to change our telephone greeting and advise clients of extended opening hours at busy times is really helpful. The fact we don’t have to call an engineer to do it gives us extra flexiblity.”

Mary Lee, Director, Newbridge Travel


  • Intune’s management portal allows Mary to add or remove extra extensions at the click of a button.
  • PCI-compliant call recording provides a full audit trail of payments taken over the phone with easy retrieval in the case of queries
  • With 12 extensions at their disposal, staff can park some calls and deal with others while on hold
  • Redirection of the main office number to a mobile number for out of hours service boosts customer responsiveness
  • Staff can record telephone greetings with special offers and other important service messages without engineering intervention.
  • Transparent call reporting with detailed billing analysis and call cost overview assists financial planning.


Pic l-r: Catherine Myler, director, Newbridge Travel, Robbie Fitzpatrick, business development manager, Intellicom and Mary Lee, director, Newbridge Travel


Unlike their previous system, Intellicom’s Intune offers Newbridge Travel almost unlimited scalability into the future. The company can add further extensions as the company grows and can switch on a host of different features as they need them.

They could decide to use hunt groups for different holiday categories, by directing a caller to the ski holiday specialist if they want to hit the slopes or to the sun destination specialist, if they want to book a family package to the Mediterranean.

Features such as remote calling, allowing the company to offer homeworking to staff who can use the telephony system as if they were physically in the office, extends the power of telephony beyond their high street footprint and out into a workforce that demands more and more flexibility.

“We get a lot of repeat business and recommendations. Our new telephony system can grow with us into the future and supports our continued mission of providing professional and efficient communications to all of our valued customers.”

Mary Lee, Director, Newbridge Travel

About Newbridge Travel

Newbridge Travel is a successful , owner-managed travel agency, staffed by committed and highly experienced travel professionals. The company prides itself on efficient communications and staff who are extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the travel business.

With a combined 124 years experience, the team provides a full service to its client base in Kildare and beyond and that service is innovative and totally focused on the needs of the customer.  The company covers the full spectrum of
travel segments including weddings abroad, honeymoons, horse racing tours, cruise holidays, Disneyland Paris, longhaul flights and sun and ski holidays.