Cloud telephony solution from Intellicom keeps CityJet flying high


Cloud telephony solution from Intellicom keeps CityJet flying high

See how Cityjet are using the intellicom | intune Cloud based Telephony system to provide services for their Scandinavia offices and linking back to their head office in Swords, County Dublin.

Business Challenge

When the company looked to expand its aviation leasing services within the Scandinavian region in the first quarter of 2016, it realised that additional telecoms services would be required outside of its Swords office. The company opted for the highly flexible intellicom | intune cloud-based telephony solution for its new Helsinki office, rather than implementing a traditional hardwired telephony platform at the Finnish site.


“After speaking with Intellicom and reviewing its various product and service oerings, we were impressed. We decided that their feature-rich and scalable cloud-based solution was the right fit for what we were doing,” explained David Cadenhead, director of Information Technology at CityJet.
CityJet provides a wet lease service to Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). As part of this agreement, the company supplies a fleet of 5 aircraft, crew and engineering capacity, and this is expected to scale up to 12 aircraft by the middle of 2017. The Helsinki office is primarily responsible for flight operations in relation to this wet lease contract, providing services such as planning and tracking all aircraft movement, crew rostering and the scheduling of airport services.
The management of the engineering function of that fleet is also carried out in the Helsinki office. “As we have parallel departments for those same functions here in Dublin, there is a lot of communicatons between those two teams,” Cadenhead said.
intellicom | intune telephony and contact centre cloud solutions offer a unique combination of technical and commercial innovation to drive business efficiencies and provide tangible competitive advantages.
Having the facility to expand phone capacity into other remote locations, at short notice, is precisely the type of innovative solution that fast-moving businesses like CityJet require to achieve and help maintain a competitive edge.
“We recently had to open up a smaller base in Sweden, requiring additional capacity. The beauty of the cloud platform was that we were able to deploy those extra services within a few days.”
David Cadenhead, director of Information Technology at CityJet.
Another attractive element of the Intellicom cloud-based solution is the speed and ease with which it can be deployed. “Although a little bit of work was required to link the new platform to the legacy system already in place, the system was very quick to deploy, which was critical” he said.
“Traditionally, we would have had to install phone server equipment on site – a lot of physical engineering would have been required to make it all work seamlessly,” he continued. “By opting for Intellicom’s cloud-based solution, we were able to outsource all those technical challenges. They dealt with the physical structure and network structure needed, ultimately making the deployment and management of the system much easier for CityJet.”
Intellicom worked in tandem with CityJet’s own IT team to bridge the new and legacy systems, thereby enabling staff in the Dublin and Helsinki offices to connect with one another by simply dialling an extension number. Intellicom provides local numbers to each office and call routing takes place seamlessly at the backend and is invisible to users.
In addition, CityJet needs only to provide minimal local support and maintenance resources, which means lower operational outlay and substantial cost benefits. “The bulk of the activity happens with Intellicom. We have an intuitive web-based interface to do some administration as required – if we needed to change the configuration settings for a particular extension or a user profile, for example, we can – but the bulk of the ‘heavy lifting’ is done on the Intellicom side,” Cadenhead explained.
Although the Intellicom solution has only been in place since April 2016, CityJet has already reaped the rewards. “We have already seen a dramatic reduction in call costs,” Cadenhead said.
“Every time a member of staff placed a call between Dublin and Helsinki [or vice versa], the company was incurring international call charges. With the new system in place, what had been an external international call is now simply an internal call.”
There has also been an increased cohesion between offices and with improved inter-office communication. “The cloud solution aids general communication between staff, as they can now use internal phone directories and extensions,” he said. The new system has helped to “oil the wheels of communications”, allowing CityJet to operate in a smoother, more efficient manner.

Solution Benefits

  • Scalable communications solution – allowingCityJet to expand capacity quickly in line withevolving business needs, adding new users andservices as required.
  • Reduced call costs – thanks to the new system CityJet has been able to achieve significant reductions in call costs between Dublin &Helsinki.
  • Lower total cost of ownership – the solution’s open design and standards based support system translates into a low TCO in terms of deployment, operation and on-going administration and maintenance.
  • ‘Always on’ communications – CityJet staff can now collaborate with one another anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple, transparent support – an intuitive, web-based interface means CityJet can quickly and easily carry out administration or support as required.
  • Investment Protection – CityJet can tender for other business contracts and tie the infrastructure into existing call centre technology investments
  • Peace of Mind – thanks to a robust infrastructure with improved connectivity between company site
  • Open Standards – The Intellicom platform is built on standards based hardware and software for maximium compatibility and increased options

About CityJet

CityJet, a truly European airline, is privately-owned Irish company employing almost 500 people across various locations in Scandinavia, London, Paris, Antwerp and Dublin. It carried just over 2 million passengers in 2015.
The company has been active in the past seven months ordering new aircraft, and has placed orders for more than
€1bn of jets that will be used to expand the company’s airline and wet lease operations.