Intellicom helps Footprint Underwriting Drive Innovation in Insurance Products

LtoR: Robbie Fitzpatrick, business development manager, Intellicom, Bernard Phelan, claims manager, Footprint Underwriting, Neil Wisdom, managing director, Intellicom, Simon Richards, managing director, Footprint Underwriting.

Intellicom helps Footprint Underwriting Drive Innovation in Insurance Products

Intellicom has been selected by Footprint Underwriting, a privately owned underwriting agency, to deliver its cloud-based telephony and contact centre solution to the growing business, based in Dublin.

VoIP for insuranceBusiness Challenge

Starting out, Footprint Underwriting outsourced the claims process to a specialist company while they focused internal resources on developing broker relationships and building customer numbers. As telephony needs were basic during this period, the business used the telephony solution available from its serviced office provider.

As the customer base grew, they decided in 2016 to move the claims process in-house. As part of this, they needed an effective and scalable telephony and contact centre solution that would enable them to deliver the best service to brokers and customers. Central to their list of requirements was enabling high quality call recording with easy retrieval of calls being an imperative.

“We needed to put in place a flexible contact centre solution that would easily grow with us but also provide the best options from day one to reflect the needs of the team.”

Bernard Phelan, Claims Manager, Footprint Underwriting.


VoIP for insuranceSolution

Feature-rich contact centre technology with minimum administration overhead

When going to market to find a telephony and contact centre provider, Footprint Underwriting were keen to find a partner that reflected their own innovation with products and services.

Following discussions with three possible providers, Intellicom stood out as they demonstrated a clear understanding of what was needed and the specific challenges Footprint Underwriting faced including the building and support of a solution within a third party serviced office environment.

“We are very focused on delivering not only what the customer wants but also what the customer needs and we were keen to find this commitment reflected in our telephony partner as it’s a key point of contact with every customer we engage with,” said Mr Phelan.

Intellicom recommended their Intellicom Intune Cloud based solution which delivers all the services requested by Footprint Underwriting including the secure call recording and storage facility that was a key requirement for them.

“Easy retrieval of call recordings is incredibly important to us as we seek to deliver the best service to our customers. Having a record of exactly what was said is fundamental to delivering that service and knowing that the recordings are stored and secured appropriately is critical.”

Bernard Phelan, Claims Manager, Footprint Underwriting.

The solution implemented by Intellicom enables extensive self-management and provisioning available to the team.

With easy to navigate onscreen interfaces, it enables staff to provision lines, extensions, users and call flows after a very small amount of training.

“For customers, like Footprint Underwriting, this increases the speed with which they can make changes and keeps costs for engineers at an absolute minimum,” said Neil Wisdom, Managing Director with Intellicom. “If they do need us for more advanced work, we’re always there but from day to day, they have total control with lots of self-service options.”


VoIP for insuranceBenefits

Streamlined communications that provide scalability and agility for a growing business

Footprint Underwriting wanted a telephony solution that was largely invisible to them and enhanced their work rather than adding unnecessary complexity. The solution from Intellicom has done just that with advanced but easy call recording and rapid call recording retrieval.

More frequent weather extremes bring lots of business challenges and the team at Footprint Underwriting benefitted from in-built flexibility of the Intellicom solution.

With the ‘Follow Me’ option, employees were able to easily redirect their desk telephone numbers to their mobiles and with the claims system on their laptops, were able to continue to deliver the same great service to customers from the safety of their homes.

“Severe weather events often create a spike in claims and this is when our customers need us most. Having our team safe was a key priority for the business but being able to continue to deliver the same service to our customers, without interruption, was a huge benefit to the business that would just not have been possible only a short few years ago.”

Bernard Phelan, Claims Manager, Footprint Underwriting.


At a Glance

  • The cloud-based telephony and contact centre solution makes it easy to bring Footprint’s claims process in-house.
  • PCI compliant call recording and easy retrieval of recorded calls facilitates good customer engagement for Footprint Underwriting
  • The in-built flexibility and cloud-based system gives Footprint confidence that they can scale up the service or move offices, if required in the future, with minimum disruption
  • Self-provisioning of lines, extensions and users as and when needed
  • Phone lines can be easily re-directed to mobiles or other locations enabling employees to work from anywhere – especially important during significant weather events



VoIP for insuranceFuture

In-built flexibility delivered on a strong technical platform has made this telephony and contact centre implementation a success for Footprint Underwriting.

With the team at Intellicom reflecting their own ambition to deliver not just what the customer wants but what they need in an innovative way, it’s a partnership that will drive on Footprint Underwriting’s next phase of growth.

Intellicom Intune includes an extensive array of functions, including advanced aspects to the management system and reporting tools, which Phelan notes they may use in the future as the team and business requirements expands.

“The team at Intellicom gave us a feeling of confidence that they knew what they were doing. They worked to find an innovative but not necessarily an expensive solution to our challenges. There was no feeling of being oversold to and for us, this was very important as we wanted a fair and honest relationship.”

Bernard Phelan, Claims Manager, Footprint Underwriting.


About Footprint

Footprint Underwriting is a privately owned, dynamic and innovative underwriting agency, founded in 2013. It distributes insurance products in the Irish market through a network of independent Insurance brokers.

Footprint Underwriting’s Private Motor Policy is redefining the motor insurance market by delivering innovative policy cover that gives extensive support to its policyholders in the event of a claim.

The only insurance policy to currently offer two year ‘new for old’, 14-day courtesy car and benefits that ensure customers can protect their no claims discount, they have offerings that are not available anywhere else in the market.

With a growing team, Footprint Underwriting is based in Sandyford in Dublin, where the company has its offices within a serviced office building.