Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurance Taking No Risks with New Telephony and Call Recording Solution from Intellicom


Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurance Taking No Risks with New Telephony and Call Recording Solution from Intellicom

Major insurance broker and financial services provider chooses Intellicom to upgrade telephony and call recording functionality for its clients in Offaly and neighbouring counties of Laois, Galway and

Business Challenge

In a business sector where effective planning for risk is fundamental to success, Offaly based insurance broker, Gorman Hooper Dolan was keenly aware that their telephony system and the call recording system, they were obliged to have, required significant upgrading.

With offices in Birr, Gorman Hooper Dolan is part of the 150 person strong Hooper Dolan Group. Their business specialises in personal insurance for car, home and associated farm businesses and general insurance where they are very strong in the commercial area with a mix of clients in haulage, motor trade, hospitality and in the manufacturing industry. They also have a growing business in financial services. Offering insurance and financial services nationally, the majority of their business is with customers in Offaly and neighbouring counties of Laois, Galway and Tipperary.

Insurance brokerage is a competitive industry and that aspect is increasing according to Ollie Gorman, managing director of Gorman Hooper Dolan Insurance.

“Customers are shopping around and while that presents us with many more opportunities to present our very competitive offering, we absolutely have to be completely and almost instantaneously responsive to them. Missed calls, busy lines or ineffective call management cannot happen if we are to have a chance to win and maintain the business. Sometimes it might be just one call but often we are in contact over a number of calls, we’re always on the phone here.”

Accessibility to team members is important in the sales process but that increases exponentially when a customer has a claim and needs to speak to someone urgently. “Perhaps our most important role as an insurance broker is when a customer has experienced a significant or sometimes life changing event and needs to begin a claim process, said Gorman.

“Often we are speaking with customers on the hardest of days and being accessible then is critical. That human touch is fundamentally important and we are extremely proud of how the team supports customers to move things forward.”

VoIP for insuranceIn going to market for a new telephony and call recording solution, Gorman Hooper Dolan were aware that systems were in need of significant modernisation. In situ, there was a basic phone system with limited flexibility and no functionality from a reporting perspective. GDPR requirements were another driver for them in the upgrade and they were keen to achieve full compliance from a data protection and data retention perspective and make the telephone and call recording solution more secure but also easy to use.

Insurance companies and financial brokers are obliged, under industry regulations, to record and retain telephone calls with customers. A specific nuance in relation to the PCI’s Data Security Standard (DSS) standard, which is in place to provide protection for stored cardholder data, dictates that the primary card number must be rendered unreadable anywhere it is stored. The traditional method of ensuring this requirement was adhered to, during call recording, was to pause the call while the number was verbally called out and restart call recording when completed.

For Gorman Hooper Dolan and other insurance companies, this approach presents a significant risk. Gorman noted in identifying their key requirements from a new telephone and call recording system that this placed them in a vulnerable situation should a customer dispute what was discussed or committed to during this break in recording.

VoIP for insuranceSolution

The Intellicom solution for Gorman Hooper Dolan, included a fully cloud-based scalable telephony solution. An additional broadband line has been installed as part of the solution from which the full IP based phone system is run.

To provide additional security and resilience, a fall-back PSTN line is also utilised to ensure that calls can be rerouted, if for some reason internet connectivity fails. Staff have new IP desk phones with many useful features including speed dial buttons, ‘Presence’ functions which show when their colleagues are already on calls and headset ports and speaker phone features for hands-free operation.

The new telephony system has given total flexibility to Gorman Hooper Dolan. Calls can be automatically routed to the right person, whether that is in the office or onto their mobile or future remote office location. Severe weather events are typically a time of high call volumes with customers initiating the claims process but it is also a time that employees may not be able to get to the office. This issue is easily addressed by having numbers remotely rerouted to employees mobiles or other landlines where customer calls can be handled as normal and issues addressed.

“For many customers, in times of need, we are similar to the emergency services and we just cannot afford to not be available to assist them.”

A key element of the project, Intellicom Intone is a new addition to the Intellicom suite of solutions and has been deployed to address the issues arising by pausing call recording. With Intellicom Intone, the caller is invited to simply key in their credit card or account details using their mobile or desk phone keypad during the live call.

The resultant data is automatically populated into the payment application running on the agents PC. The telephone keypad tones are automatically filtered out and are not captured in the call-recording, which therefore does not have to be paused during the transaction. This provides greater PCI compliance, enhanced security and comfort for
both the company and for the customer.

“For those organisations with a legal requirement to record calls to achieve PCI Compliance, the taking of credit card details for transactions leaves businesses open to significant pitfalls. Pausing the call recording to take credit card information verbally over the phone results in a break in the record of what was discussed and no defence if either party suggests something contentious was mentioned during that time. Intellicom Intone protects the sanctity of the call recording whilst also providing the required security necessary to protect sensitive credit card information transfer and achieve full PCI compliance.”

Cian Maher, CTO of Intellicom.

Solution Benefits

  • More flexible and feature rich voice communications system – allowing higher call completion rates and redirection of calls to relevant business functions.
  • Improved staff productivity – thanks to shorter call and waiting times.
  • Cloud based solution provides resilience and allows quick and easy upgrades and expansion to current office or to integrate future office locations.
  • GDPR and PCI Compliant Call Recording service provides security and certainty.
  • Powerful call reporting – allowing full transparency of team performance, marketing activities and inbound and outbound call trend analysis.
  • Peace of mind – robust infrastructure with easy administration and scalability.

Solution – Key Features

  • Intellicom | intune Cloud Telephony system providing scalability and ease of deployment and management.
  • Ideal for quick and seamless addition and integration of new group sites around the country.
  • Feature-rich, customer experience out of the box.
  • Embedded PCI Compliant Call Recording solution using the intellicom | intone PCI Compliance application.
  • Simple, transparent licensing model which reduces costs and provides clear pricing certainty.
  • Powerful reporting which streamlines operations improves productivity and reduces costs.
  • Systems integration to CRM systems allows for screen pop and click to dial functions.
  • Intellicom | inflow managed Broadband and VoIP infrastructure providing scalability resilience and lower costs over traditional services.
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure which adapts to the changing business environment as required.
  • Intellicom | insure support structure provides proactive monitoring, management and support on an up to 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

About Gorman, Hooper Dolan

Gorman Hooper Dolan is part of the Hooper Dolan group and their business specialises in personal insurance for car, home and associated farm businesses and general insurance with a customer base across many business sectors.
Their team is made up of dedicated insurance professionals. These people live in the community they serve and are dedicated to finding the right insurance for each client. Their staff work diligently to keep up with important industry developments, so they can pass the most accurate information on to every new customer.