3 Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to Voice over IP

Get it right, first time. Here are three simple mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth transition to Voice over IP for your business telephony.

4 Signs That You Need to Change your Business Phone System

Business phone systems aren’t immortal; while a typical PBX lifecycle can run to 10 years or more, once they begin to show their age the game is up.

Busting 7 of the most staggering myths of Voice over IP

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VoIP and Cloud Telephony : Don’t Be Afraid !

VoIP and Cloud Telephony: Don’t Be Afraid ! VOIP is the future of business telephony. In fact, it’s very much the present. A new office exchange really has to use VoIP. Some people are afraid of changing over, though. They’re concerned about voice quality, emergency calls, cost of equipment, and so on. Many of these…