NGN Changes 2022

Comreg Decision Instruments in D11/19 and D09/20

Hidden figures: why virtual numbers are the secret tool in your customer service kitbag

The use of virtual numbers is often overlooked.  It’s key for companies looking to enter new markets without the overhead of actually having a local presence.

Unified Communications: your best ally for remote working

Many organisations are currently grappling with the challenges of setting up remote working practices for their staff. And unified communications or UC is the common thread that pulls every element of a solid working experience together.

Competing successfully in 2020: It’s all about customer experience or CX

At Intellicom, we believe we can unlock the secret to superior customer experience or CX through an omnichannel communications strategy.

VoIP for Business – Episode 4

Contact centre v call centre, multichannel v omnichannel. What’s it all about? Intellicom’s Neil Wisdom explains all.

VoIP for Business – Episode 3

How important is your underlying broadband connectivity when running VoIP telephony?  Neil Wisdom reveals all in Episode 3 in our series on the business benefits of VoIP.

VoIP for Business – Episode 2

Using a hosted service for your business telephony brings many benefits including predictable costs and virtually no management overhead.

VoIP for Business – Episode 1

Ever wondered what VoIP means for your business? Check out the first in our series of videos from Neil Wisdom on the business benefits of VoIP and Unified Communications.

Why is Unified Communications so important for my business?

Unified Communications (UC) is constantly evolving and it’s something that customers are demanding more and more. Industry research tells us that customers want to communicate with brands on their own terms.  That means through communication channels that best suit them rather than the supplier, whether that’s voice, email, SMS, chat or other social media channels. …