Intellicom Helps Footprint Underwriting Drive Innovation in Insurance Products

LtoR: Simon Richards, managing director, Footprint Underwriting, Neil Wisdom, managing director, Intellicom, Bernard Phelan, claims manager, Footprint Underwriting.

Intellicom Helps Footprint Underwriting Drive Innovation in Insurance Products

Intellicom has been selected by Footprint Underwriting, a privately owned underwriting agency, to deliver its cloud-based telephony and contact centre solution to the growing business, based in Dublin. The solution selected by Footprint Underwriting also includes the delivery of PCI compliant call recording and recorded call retrieval system. This has been a key enabler in delivering on Footprint Underwriting’s business development plan to expand the team and bring the claims process in-house.

“In building our own claims team operations we went from needing only basic phone services to requiring a best in class contact centre solution that would enable us to engage in the best possible way with customers, said Bernard Phelan, Claims Manager at Footprint Underwriting.

“This had to be built from scratch and we were conscious that we needed to put in place a flexible solution that would easily grow with us but also provide the best options from day one to reflect the needs of the team”.

LtoR: Robbie Fitzpatrick, business development manager, Intellicom, Bernard Phelan, claims manager, Footprint Underwriting, Neil Wisdom, managing director, Intellicom, Simon Richards, managing director, Footprint Underwriting.

Founded in 2013, it distributes insurance products in the Irish market through a network of independent Insurance Brokers. Owned and managed by Simon Richards, Footprint Underwriting is a fast-growing company, employing highly skilled and experienced people, who are committed to providing outstanding levels of underwriting support and claims service to its Brokers and Customers.

With a commitment to delivering innovative products to the market, Footprint Underwriting’s Private Motor Policy is redefining the motor insurance market by giving extensive support to its policyholders in the event of a claim. This includes the only insurance policy to currently offer two year ‘new for old’, 14-day courtesy car and benefits that ensure customers can protect their no claims discount.

The Intellicom solution has in-built flexibility and the cloud-based system gives them confidence that they can scale up the service or move offices, if required in the future, with minimum disruption. Extensive customer self-management has also been built into the system, giving the team the flexibility and responsiveness to self-provision lines, extensions and users, as and when needed.

With the Intellicom solution, lines can be easily re-directed to mobiles or other locations. This enables employees to work from anywhere, which is especially important during significant weather events, when customers and brokers need fast and reliable access to the team.

Intellicom recommended their Intellicom Intune Cloud based solution which delivers all the services requested by Footprint Underwriting including the secure call recording and storage facility that was a key requirement for them.

“Easy retrieval of call recordings is incredibly important to Footprint Underwriting as we seek to deliver the best service to our customers. Having a record of exactly what was said is fundamental to delivering that service and knowing that the recordings are stored and secured appropriately is critical”, said Phelan.

Commenting on the process of selecting a telephony partner, he added;

“The team at Intellicom gave us a feeling of confidence that they knew what they were doing and where we had requirements, they worked to find an innovative but not necessarily an expensive solution to the issue. There was no feeling that we were being oversold to and for us this was very important as we wanted a fair and honest relationship.”

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