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If you work in the Finance and Legal sector you'll already be well aware of the importance of full adherence to all Data Protection and PCI DSS regulations. These regulations can also apply to the telephony and contact systems you deploy and the customer phone calls running through them. You can be assured that the Intellicom | intune call recording functions are both PCI DSS Compliant and fully MiFID II complaint (Click Here for more information on MiFID II)


Sensitive customer data must be securely stored and, in particular any bank and credit card details that are discussed during customer service calls for administration, trading requests and account activities and interactions.


With the intellicom | intune and intellicom | infuse Telephony & Contact Centre solutions and add on applications and services Call recordings can be fully encrypted in transit and at rest and held in logically and physically secure locations geographically local to your office or registered business address.

Our Telephony platform also offers advanced real time and historical call reporting to ensure you can track all inbound and outbound customer interactions for the purposes of Billing or departmental or staff productivity reviews.