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When hosting or servicing guests or customers, little things matter — like greeting your clients by name, managing their privacy and ensuring timely service. With Intellicom | intune telephony technology, it’s easy to do all this and much more.

Traditional phone systems simply aren’t capable of managing incoming traffic in large multi-store enterprises or busy hotel receptions or retail counters. Studies of retail environments show that 20% to 30% (and more in some cases) of inbound calls fail. Staff are too busy to answer, the system cannot support the volume of concurrent calls or automated answering messages are poorly setup and administered.

The intellicom | intune Telephony systems can provide you with an easy to use, feature rich and highly cost effective solution to these issues. Our systems provide many functions for the retail and hospitality sector including those below.

Call recording & call monitoring will allow Management to review and train new staff on how they interact with customers and clients.

Our intellicom | infuse API integration to 3rd party systems & applications such as Hotel Management, CRM  and Payment systems allow automated billing and screen pop information on the phone display with the names of returning guests to personalise your call answering.

Granular call reporting will allow you to monitor and evaluate sales and marketing campaigns based on the volume of calls made or received.