Voice Security


Voice-related hacking and fraud is as prevalent as the more publicised data-related network breaches.

Intellicom | intune and intellicom | infuse services are built with high levels of embedded security at all levels within the system. Hardened OS and kernel systems, locked down communications ports and the ability to run every voice call between a handset and the central processing system in a fully encrypted tunnel are all elements designed to keep your calls and communications as safe as possible from eavesdroppers, hackers and fraudsters alike.

Our softswitch can be programmed with an auto renewable credit limit enforcing call blocking once the value of calls exceeds an agreed limit with the customer – this ensures that, even in the unlikely event that your network and telephony system is hacked, the attacker cannot run up huge call forwarding bills as would be the case with other PBX and IP Telephony systems.

Intellicom also run proactive customer account monitoring to help identify and alert on suspicious call pattern activity (eg, high number of calls to a single destination or low duration calls or high volume call attempts or high cost call completions).

Please ask your account manager for a copy of our Guide on general PBX security & anti-fraud for further information.