Cloud Based


IP based Telephony delivered as a Cloud based or Hosted voice platform is accessed over the Internet or direct connection from a service provider such as Intellicom. As a cloud system, it is charged on a pay-per-user basis, removing the traditional upfront hardware and installation costs. The Intellicom | intune Cloud telephony & Contact Centre systems systems offer a fantastic mix of advanced features and reporting, ease of use and highly attractive pricing.

In a hosted system, calls are converted to a data stream connected via the Internet (or a private WAN link) to the offsite equipment in a central or distributed location which provides highly resilient communication services to multiple customers. The provider is responsible for housing and maintaining the IP-PBX technology, Services and support required to provide the services you’re using.

In your office, the desk phone or softclient will plug into your local network and broadband and the calls, signaling, and features are handled through an IP-PBX server at the provider’s location. Costs are managed with a monthly fee and the only expense involved is purchasing (or renting) IP phones and any other LAN, Firewall or Broadband infrastructure upgrades required to make them VoIP compatible.

With a hosted system, there’s a much lower initial cost and setup fee. It’s easy to add extra lines and extend features at additional costs and because a hosted provider has more resources and can offer new feature sets and install patches and upgrades directly, you can get the latest functionality and upgrades pushed out almost immediately.

If you lose Internet or there is a disaster that compromises your operations, it doesn’t halt your operations because calls can be sent to voicemail or mobile phones or other office locations; the redundancy in an offsite facility means there are safeguards and backup power sources and 24/7 monitoring.

This option is most attractive for businesses with requiring scaleability or with distributed employees as new users can easily be added to the cloud phone system as and when needed.