Hybrid VoIP is typically a combination of both an on premises hardware and software deployment coupled with a hosted Cloud based service to maximise system and service availability and resilience.

Hybrid solutions can also include elements of traditional telephony (TDM - PSTN or ISDN trunk lines or existing Analogue Handsets) as well as VoIP network attached systems to utilise multiple technologies as well as system deployment options to further enhance service availability and/or allow for a phased migration of one technology to the other.

A lot of Hybrid deployments that Intellicom provide assume the primary Telephony solution is based on our Intellicom | intune Cloud service with additional on premises based Intellicom | intune hardware telephony appliances and gateways which support automatic failover to the local system deployment in the event of a Broadband line failure or core systems issue to or with the Cloud solution.


Hybrid systems are a good fit for companies that what to migrate to new VoIP technologies in phases or who want to deploy a solution with the Maximum telephony system availability, resilience and flexibility possible.