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Maximise your Customer engagement with easy to enable CRM Integration offering 'Screen Pop' and automatic record updates

The Intellicom | intune platform is built with external integration in mind.  Coupled with a significant amount of third party hardware support, there is also a high degree of third party applications and system integration capabilities.

With our open intellicom | infuse API Module, the system facilitates easy bi-directional communications with many existing well-known third party applications such as Workforce Management, CRM, ERP and Payment systems

Our open standards approach and ease of integration also allows for smooth transition from your existing legacy systems or to maintain a dual system approach to utilise the best features and capabilities of the | intune solution along with key features of your existing or new third party niche systems.

Third party integration is supported via embedded URL launching, Jabber, XML and many other well-known protocols and scripting languages.

CRM Integration

intellicom | Communicator SoftClient CRM Integrator add on feature license
  • Enable Bi-Directional integration with any API enabled CRM or WFM system
  • Screen Pop customer record details to your phone handset display or Softclient window
  • Push Customer Contact Records back to the CRM to include Date, Time, Call Duration & Call Disposition detail
  • Include URL Hot Link to recorded call (if call recording enabled and 3rd party CRM application supports same)
  • Click To Dial - Hot Link any correctly formatted Phone Number in any Browser based application, Click & Dial through Communicator Softclient (Business, Agent or Supervisor edition)

Payment Systems Integration

intellicom | Communicator SoftClient PCI Integrator add on feature license
  • Retain Call Reporting services and be Fully PCI Compliant
  • Enable Bi-Directional integration with any API enabled Payment Systems application
  • Automatically Pause & Resume call recording whilst credit card & account details are being read Out
  • OR - utilise our intone 'DTMF' SoftClient feature to allow credit card detail be keyed in by the customer and auto-populate the
    Payment systems entries